A beautiful picture is worth a thousand words!

We introduce ourselves


Hello, we are Doriano and Antonella,

we have been photographers for over twenty years and for us photography is much more than a job,
it is our way of expressing ourselves and transmitting our vision of the world through images.
When we hold our trusty companion in adventures, our beloved reflex, we are ready to capture a thousand shades
that only a careful and delicate eye like ours can see.
Our photography is based on the truest subject that can exist: emotion.
This is also the choice of our brand name: "Emotion Photography".
For us, photography is pure emotion from the birth of the shot to sharing it with you and your loved ones.
Being able to observe your incredulous and joyful looks when we give you the shots is always a moment of happiness for us.
Knowing that our photos have reached your heart and that you have appreciated that little part of us mixed with your most important moments, is priceless.
How many times does a single photograph make you nostalgic because it is connected to a particular moment in your life?
Here, for us this art is pure magic and we want to share our skills
refined over the years with you, giving you emotions.
When you contact us for a service, we like to hear your story, already knowing that it will be unique and full of colors, and from there we translate it into photographs that will make you smile.
In addition to beauty, in our opinion, a photographer must be able to give a soul to the photo and this is the only way that the shots will live over time.
Our work is based on this ideal and has helped us distinguish ourselves over the years.
Our style is refined, exciting and spontaneous. Our favorite ingredients for a photograph.
We look forward to hearing your stories and talking to you here in our studio in Aviano where  we have been ready to welcome you with a smile and professionalism.

About us

G. data nozze: 19/09/2020
Professionali. Io e mio marito abbiamo scelto FB5 e siamo rimasti contentissimi... Ti fanno sentire al tuo agio e ci hanno seguito e consigliato in tutto ma senza essere invadenti... Le foto sono spettacolari e ben curate... Ci hanno anche regalato una tela e definito qualche foto arricchendola. I prezzi contenuti per tutto il lavoro svolto: li consiglio.

G. data nozze: 14/09/2019
Fotografi splendidi. Se volte delle belle foto e lavorare con delle persone speciali FB5 è il posto giusto. Persone squisite e simpaticissime. Abbiamo passato una giornata tra scatti e risate. Consigliatissimo.


M. data nozze: 24/08/2019
The perfect choice! I fotografi di Foto FB5 sono stati molto professionali e disponibili. Hanno saputo suggerirci e consigliarci in maniera precisa e professionale. Il giorno del matrimonio sono stati molto gentili e simpatici. Il fatto che mio marito non parlasse italiano non è stato assolutamente un problema, è stato facilissimo comunicare in inglese.
M.C. data nozze: 06/07/2019
Servizio ottimo! Sono riusciti a organizzare tutto con pochissimo preavviso! Hanno un sito web eccellente. Io e mio marito siamo molto più che soddisfatti.

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